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We're glad you stopped by for a (virtual) visit to our farm and to see what we are up to these days.

Plum Granny Farm is a USDA Certified Organic small family farm located in the north central piedmont area of North Carolina. The farm is set on 54 beautiful acres of rolling countryside just south of Hanging Rock State Park in the Capella community.

We are building on our heritage as a NC Century Farm, as the farm has been in the Ferguson family for over 140 years.  We grow raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, garlic, ginger, specialty veggies, herbs and cut flowers.

Although full-time farming is fairly new to us, we both have deep connections to our farming heritage.  Cheryl grew up on this farm and her father, grandfather and great-grandfather all practiced the art of cultivation on this soil.  Ray has his farming roots in Kansas where his mother grew up amid some of the most beautiful soil that has ever been seen.

Our approach to farming is to nurture the soil and the land to return it to its optimal state.  Building the soil with cover crops, compost and manure will help us produce better, healthier crops and is an essential part of our sustainability.

We hope you'll stop by frequently to check out our blog and check on the crops.  Our website will continue to grow and develop just as our farm continues to do.  So join us in our adventure!

Here's to good growing and good eating!

Cheryl & Ray

Ray & Cheryl, owners of Plum Granny Farm

Photo:  Walt Unks, Winston-Salem Journal




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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Have We Melted Yet?

Posted by Cheryl Ferguson :: Friday, July 29 :: 6:01pm

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday! 

97.7  103.3  101.3 101.7  102.2  102.4  98.2  Nope, this isn't a listing of the top radio stations in the area.  These are the actual temperature readings on our weather station for the past 7 days.  And yes, it is the ACTUAL temperature, not the heat index (and the thermometer is on the north side of the house!) YIKES!

Even the bees have been forced to seek comfort on their porches with the fans going at full tilt -- good thing they have some shade.

Bearding bees in the Topbar hive  Bees on the front of the Langstroth hive

We've been guzzling copious amounts of water this week and starting even earlier in the day (6 or 6:30 a.m.) to try to beat the heat.  But it has been picking us off one at a time.  Hopefully we will be getting some relief from the blast furnace -- now if we'd only get some rain.  Our last real rain was nearly 3 weeks ago.

Despite the heat, we've still be getting some things done.  The blackberries are done for the year so it is time to get the canes that bore this year's fruit (floricanes) off of the plant.  Today Andrew worked through the Ouachita and got them cleaned up and weeded.  Looking good!

Andrew cutting out the floricanes in the Ouachita

 Our fig tree has borne the brunt of two very cold winters (that sounds REALLY good right now!) and had lost most of its canopy.  We finally got a chance to clear it out and support the remaining branches in hopes that we can keep it going -- it has produced a LOT of excellent figs!  While we won't get any this year, we are hopeful for 2017!

Ray working with the fig tree

We had a great Twilight Pick Your Own last Sunday and some of our guests had a special visit from BB!  She is getting much better with her halter and lead -- and she is so good with kids!

BB and her new friend

Although BB likes to go out on these adventures, Brix isn't so sure about it.  She is very protective of her little charge and must give her a good sniffing when she returns.

Brix is checking out BB after her PYO visit

Things continue to grow like crazy (especially the pigweed and grasses) and the PYO Pumpkin Patch continues to fill out -- perhaps the Great Pumpkin will be found here this year! You'll be able to come pick out your own great pumpkin -- mark your calendar for our Fall Festival scheduled for October 23!

PYO Pumpkin Patch

The sunflowers that our young visitors planted at our last big event, the Northern Triad Farm Tour, are really growing and some of the transplanted ones are starting to bloom!

Sunflowers from seed planted at Farm Tour  Transplanted sunflowers from Farm Tour

The Pause That Refreshes...

We are doing it again.  Last year we took a break mid-season -- a "market pause" -- not a vacation but rather a "pause."  This break was invigorating so we are making it a tradition (at least a 2nd Annual!).

So here's the deal:  we are taking a break from markets for the next two weeks.  Our crops say they are not ready for prime time so we will listen to them.  We will not be at Cobblestone Farmers Market for the next 2 Saturdays (8/6 and 8/13) and we will not be at King Farmers Market on 8/3 or 8/10.

Despite the market pause, we will be doing lots of things around the farm to get it (and us) ready for the busy fall season.  There are fields to ready, plants and seeds to plant, berries to tend, equipment to maintain and our annual Organic Systems Plan to submit.  But it will be different.  We will be a bit more on our schedule and not be driven by market preparation and market days.  It will actually be a break!  Expect to see more cheerful, less stressed and rested farmers when you next see us at market on August 17 or 20!

Market Updates!

But before the pause, we will be at Cobblestone Farmers Market in Old Salem tomorrow (7/30) with lots of Certified Organic tastiness including beaucoup LaRatte and Amarosa Fingerling and Standard Potatoes (German Butterball, Nicola, Russet and Bintje), freshly CURED GARLIC (Red Toch, Music, Chesnok, Georgian Crystal, Lahontan and Lorz Italian). French Red Shallots, Leeks, Okra, Tomato Fruit Boxes, Beets, and Kohlrabi. We'll also have our Garlic Scape Pesto -- pasta salad with fresh Chocolate Drop tomatoes! Sounds like a homerun!  And you better stock up since we won't be there for TWO weeks!

Stay cool, Friends!  We'll be catching up with you soon!

Cheryl & Ray


Pick-Your-Own Update

Empty busket
Our Berry Pick Your Own is over for the 2016 Season.  Stay tuned for a Pumpkin Pick Your Own in the Fall!


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Ray talks ginger with Lisa

Check out the terrific feature that Flavor, NC did on Plum Granny Farm!  You can view the episode at  They did a great job showing our garlic, ginger & berry production - plus a few other surprises! We are paired with Chef Jay from Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen who makes some wonderful garlic recipes!  Enjoy!

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Last rose of summer

My Mom always used the expression, "You look like the last rose of summer."  I took that to mean that you weren't really in your prime but there was still some beauty left.  Here is the literal "last rose of summer" blooming in Mom's rose bed -- in December.

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