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Raspberries, Fresh      
Aji Dulce Peppers       
Kale, Dino          
Baby Ginger          
Allium Adventure Club taking Reservations for 2015 Season

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We are now accepting applications for our unique and tasty Allium Adventure Club!  Check out the details here. Here's what one of our Adventurers had to say about last year's voyage:

"It was great! Innovative idea that was executed in a really classy way! I liked reading the newsletter...enjoyed learning about the products in the bag.  Loved every minute of it!"

                           -- Kathleen and Kevyn Graham


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Certfied Organic by QCS since 2010

Watch Us!

Ray talks ginger with Lisa

Check out the terrific feature that Flavor, NC did on Plum Granny Farm!  You can view the episode at http://video.unctv.org/video/2365069548/  They did a great job showing our garlic, ginger & berry production - plus a few other surprises! We are paired with Chef Jay from Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen who makes some wonderful garlic recipes!  Enjoy!

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